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Method 1. Simple Setting. Open up VLC. You do not need to open any file with it, since you are only changing the settings. Select Tools. From the options in the upper section of the window, choose Tools. Choose Preferences. Choose Simple settings. Select the Audio tab. Click on save. Restart VLC. If you've used VLC player to play anything that has multiple audio tracks, you've probably noticed that it doesn't stick to the language you want. In the Select one or multiple files window, select the desired file that contains the audio which will be played on top of the video previously.

To do this, fire up VLC, go to "Tools -> Preferences" and select the "Audio" button. At the bottom of this window, you'll see a section called "Tracks" and within that, a textbox labelled "Preferred audio language". You'll want to type in "EN" or "ENG" (lowercase is fine too). I have a season of a show that has the default audio track in Russian when you go to audio it says track 1 and track 2. Track 2 is english but it. 14 Oct - 10 min - Uploaded by Mark Zack How to Set the Default Audio Track in VLC. Mark Zack. Loading Unsubscribe from Mark Zack.

Tech N Toast explains how to add external audio track to video. Website: https:// LinkedIn. Click the Audio Codec tab. Click Keep original audio track, click Save. Click the Start button. VLC should now convert the file. Yes, here is link to download Movie audio tracks Add an external audio track for a video in VLC Steps: Where can I download English audio for movies?.

You can get it here: English original Audio Tracks for Movies.

The audio track number (0 in above example) seems to be the audio track number as displayed in the VLC Gui when displaying the movie. You can however use MKVToolNix to either reorder the audio streams so that the english track comes first or you can try using the header. I would definitely search out subtitles, getting a separate audio track and syncing it will be tricky. Look for an English version alternatively, I suggest you do this.

28 Nov - 39 sec Download Movie English Audio Track ->>> DOWNLOAD: http://urllie. When "Norwegian" is set as default audio in VLC (Windows version), it always picks the right track, even if the file also contains an English track. Here is my Plex and VLC language settings: Prefer audio tracks in: Japanese Prefer subtitles in: English Subtitle mode (Plex only): Show with.

The supremely-useful VLC media player has the capability to remove the audio track from a video on Windows PCs, Linux and Mac, as does. Movies with dual audio are provided for the sake of convenience of the After logging on to your computer, double-click VLC Player to open. And yes, TVs rarely can match wits with a PC and VLC Player. Bob Within that program, you can set the primary track to be the English one.

For some channels I get german, for others russian/english audio. If it's not possible You can use audio-track attribute in your m3u-file to define audio language. It is described . How can read real codes from VLC or other software ? Maybe. Released by a non-profit organization called VideoLAN, the VLC media player refers to an open-source multimedia player that works very well. I have a video which contains various audio tracks (German, French and English) , when I open this video with VLC for example, I can choose.

Dual audio tracks are inserted mostly in movies for watching the movie in different the audio tracks on popular players like MX player, VLC player, KM player etc. language but most of you have seen the movie in the English language. If no media player will play your file, then VLC will do it seamlessly. Media Player have another language even after installing it in English. I have a file which I can open in VLC, which gives me a choice of two [ English] audio tracks. The second track is a review of the video.

In the "File Selection" field add your mkv file, and in the "Extra media" field Click and play, and finally go to Menu > Audio > Audio Track and. In this article you will learn how to fix videos with out-of-sync subtitles or audio tracks with VLC. The procedure is simple: Open VLC and load. The only problem is to find the file with the language you not a very big one and I make sure u r watching it on VLC then listenn carefully its totally different thing can the audio be changed from hindi to english???.

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